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‘You Can Enjoy The Ultimate Overseas Lifestyle in Panama.’


" Panama offers the most attractive overseas lifestyle opportunity I've ever seen. I honestly can't think of any other country in the world that has ever offered so much to international visitors, expats, retirees, and entrepreneurs, yet has remained so undiscovered and underpriced. In fact, the more I think about this tropical gem, the more it simply astounds me..."--International Living, 2006

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flower2.jpg 'Property prices are predicted to rise by 400% over the next four years...'

London's Daily Mail 2005

" Property in Panama remains at a fraction of what one would pay for similar real estate in the United States. And with enticements like a 20-year suspension of property taxes to those who build houses or renovate in a historic district, and an income tax hiatus for those starting some small businesses, the opportunities are appealing not only for those seeking a place to retire but also for entrepreneurs." --The New York Times, 2005

Retire In Panama Real Estate

flower2.jpg 'Panama is 'The World's #1 Retirement Haven'

" You can enjoy a first-class lifestyle in a beautiful tropical haven while saving thousands of dollars per year on just about everything." International Living, 2006

" Panama hands new American retirees a property-tax exemption and steep discounts on everything from movies to surgery... You can live in a nice place by the water, and you can live dirt-cheap..." --Newsweek, 2005

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